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ichiyohime icons~!
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Welcome to ichiyohime! An official icon journal shared between dark_moon_angel (aka. Janet) and drakulya (aka. Amanda) :D This is the place where we dump our icons, textures, tutorials and other graphics. You'll find fandoms of every kind: anime/manga, real life and games.

If you like what you see, please join this community <3
And if you can't find whatever you're looking for, please look through the tags.

r u l e s
Every community has rules! So bear with it!

Crediting; You MUST credit us if you're taking anything from this community.
Commenting; comments are love~ It's optional if you want to comment or not. But we love to hear what you think of our icons! :3 So drop a few and make us feel loved <3
Hotlink; Do not hotlink please! It's stealing D: Load them onto your own server if necessary. Just please don't steal our bandwidth. It's precious ;_;
Editing; Please don't edit any of our icons, unless we stated they are bases. Textless icons are NOT bases.

c r e d i t i n g
If you're unfamiliar with how to credit, here's the trick!

o t h e r s
dark_moon_angel's resources ; drakulya's resources
layout by minty_peach
akira's award post can be found here.

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kurabu akiraku babylon_icons tenicons shihitsu rainfall_icons elemental_icons afterain_icons helium_icons kaibyaku twistedcuteness ohsnape wicked_avis kigaru_iconsanimefreak869 clampesque joiko_icons hanahata catastrophiel sakusei nakama_icons imladris713 helenbutterfly digiani envelope_icons basketofcheers eden_dreamer epitomeicon gfx_fever graphira dk09k goosygirl_icons starclan_icons nebulagraphics amenity_gain konekomata antikku_kohiten dokuji_graphics nanabbang