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I'M NOT DEAD!!!!! Wait till I instal photoshop again :Dv yea recently I reformatted my comp cos of some stupid trojan viruses, and I lost a lot of programs, but no worries I'll be back in no time 8D

<3 you all
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Scratch brush set

Kinda been dead around here, but 100x100_brushes just granted me posting access (a few months after I'd applied, which was back when I actually still made icons) so I thought I'd whip up something. I hope these aren't too dark - they look fine on my monitor so hopefully they'll be fine for the majority of you.

Comments and credit are appreciated, but not required. Chances are I won't be back til the next blue moon, anyway.

Download here.
Kobato [Kobato]

Icon post #10

Waahhh... It's been so long since I last posted! I'm so sorry peoples! >__<; School started and so many assessments O: Okay here is a pretty small batch~ And thank you for still supporting ichiyohime! <3

[10] Clover
[11] X1999
[09] other CLAMP works
[12] others
= [42] total

x Comments = love
x Credit dark_moon_angel or ichiyohime if taking anything~
x Textless icons are not bases.
x NO hotlink!
x No editing :D
x Enjoy~~


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